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A great appearance – with Stiletto Cuffs from Heaven on Heels!

Stiletto Cuffs are fashionable, eye-catching heel covers that protect thin high heels from the wear-and-tear of everyday walking surfaces – a great appearance on and off the red carpet.

The patented Stiletto Cuffs come in two styles: the Classic cuffs, which has a tapered look that mimics the shape of heel, and Diamond Rings, which look like faceted jewels.
Both styles come in bright, bold colors as well as clear versions that blend into the color of your shoe.

Stiletto Cuffs simply twist onto the heels of your shoes, so they’re easy to attach and easy to remove. A soft inner winding assures perfect fit on heels of different heights and shapes.

For more details check out the two styles Classic and Diamond Rings.