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Heaven on Heels gives you the perfect appearance

HEAVEN ON HEELS: These shoe accessories are glamorous and made for the perfect appearance on and off the red carpet.

Everybody knows the feeling: Plans suddenly change and instead of getting a smooth car ride to the restaurant you have to walk across the city on all kind of surfaces, including cobblestone. Spontaneous outings on high heels end up with cramps, ankle twists and ruined shoes.

Stiletto Cuffs are the perfect fashionable shoe accessory that allow for an elegant smooth walk on thin high heels – even when not on the red carpet.

These transparent, flexible design pieces are available in shape of a ring (which can be stacked depending on the height of the heel) or a calyx. Different colors let you choose between a discreet appearance and a stylish fashion statement.

The patented design of the Stiletto Cuffs allows for easy use and perfect fit on thin heels.

Heaven on Heels are sold as a complete set with a practical travel pouch for the purse. The recommended retail price is $22.
Heaven-on-Heels is a proprietary development by Dreamware GmbH with its location in Wohltorf near Hamburg. The founder and president, Astrid Epping, after a successful career as management consultant, founded and built up a company for high end children furniture. Since 2007 her focus has shifted to her newest project: Stiletto Cuffs.


VIPs takes on Heaven on Heels

Playing soccer with High-Heels or to climb on a horse back  - what sounds like a night mare for women is for Jorge Gonzalez a simple task. He acclaimed his fame as the catwalk coach in scary high heels for „Germany’s Next Topmodel“. But even the man known as the high heel pro was getting some help here and there for a secure cat walk.
The born Cuban discovered Heaven on Heels as his “secret” tool: Stiletto Cuffs made in Hamburg! The small fashionable accessories are the It-Piece of the season. Simple put them on your heel and otherwise hazardous walking surfaces turn into easy tasks. Garden parties, beach clubs, cobble stones or piers –Heaven on Heels eliminates the hazard of wearing high heels and makes any event a high heel friendly event, securing a professional, elegant walk in your favorite pair of heels.

Owner of Patent:

Dreamware GmbH

Waldstrasse 3
21521 Wohltorf

Phone: +49 (0) 4104-969000
Fax: +49 (0) 4104-969001

Contact person: Astrid Epping

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